The Elements

Sometimes there’s a wind that comes from nowhere that reminds us how trivial we are, yet how very alive we are. It forces the breath. It allows the breath. Quality fabrics do the same. A healthy garment brings the outward inward, close to the skin – and we’re not just talking about briefs (though they’re pretty fundamental). It starts with the raw, natural materials.
We rely on the earth for these materials. The earth does not rely on us. Considering this for a moment, it’s amazing we’re even allowed to sit together. Soil welcomes our trampling and the rocks our burrowing, so the least we can do is clothe ourselves with care. Call them eco-friendly or sustainable, The White Briefs makes garments of substance.
This kind of well-made gives room to be. It feels like entering a large modern space that’s filled just enough to be friendly though with everything below eye-level, lets you to peer across the vast area to reveal something that’s both plain and striking. Spaces like this welcome authenticity as does the humble t-shirt; in both you can be anyone you like. Feeling elusive? May we suggest an elusive t-shirt. Spending all day at the garden? T-shirt. It’s your versatile wardrobe companion.
Like ants in a line, the neat rows on our fine knitwear follow each other as they do the body, and our underwear, ant-free and available online, is simply content. And it is simple. Fabrics made with care have a way of folding as if each side of the bend just wants to say hello to an old friend. Pima cotton, the most luxurious of all cottons, does just that. Clouds on a Tuesday afternoon tend to do it too.
Luxury in this way may seem ostentatious, but it’s actually quite elementary. Those plants with leaves that droop down like an old-fashioned lady’s hand being presented for a greeting kiss, are the indoor-plant equivalent to pima cotton. Perhaps they seem posh but at the end of the day, they’re just lovely and present themselves with generosity - and the fabrics used for The White Briefs’ clothing behave likewise.



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