The Transformation

To say it was a mess would be kind. It was more as though the scraps and scrapings from half of Paris somehow grew legs, stumbled across this space, invited all their friends, and had a grand old time. Good for them, we say.
But now it’s time for something new. The space has been stripped down, cleaned out, and reduced to its basic elements: door, walls, ceiling. And it probably won’t stray far from this because we don’t need much else, really.  So what will become of this little shop in this little Parisian street? Well, we’re not exactly sure yet. It’s one of those things that will reveal itself with time, much like the way The White Briefs has evolved over the years.
We do know, however, that it will smell like fresh paint and be a space where your eyes can rest. It might even feel like an embrace from your grandmother - if your grandmother were a stylish Swede with a penchant for clean lines and the occasional pain au chocolat, that is.
Here, you can just drop by.
 When, you might ask? Well, we’re not exactly sure yet. It’s one of those things that just cannot be rushed. But soon, you might just find yourself in Paris and stumble across this space, invite all your friends, and have a grand old time.

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