The Origin

A few years ago, two people decided they only wanted to make what was needed. They were in a remote part of Sweden that’s welcoming in an isolating way; how you might feel when you walk into an empty bookshop. These kinds of places are sensitive to the new and make immediately clear when things are not necessary. Like a loud shoe stomping on old wooden floorboards. The sound, these places, remind us of how important balance is.
Days in this part of the world are spent simply. They linger in the summer and are crisp in winter, and the environment entirely transforms to follow suit. It’s all just as it’s supposed to be.
Naturally then, these two people sought out to create only the necessary. They had more than dabbled in clothing before, though had been less than satisfied with all that felt out of place, with all that was inessential. So, they began making simple garments. White undergarments, to be exact, with sustainable, organic fabrics and care taken to control and maintain the Europe-focused production. They saw that we all start our day dressing ourselves perhaps before we even know how our day will dress itself. So as long as this first step was made simple and with care, the rest of the day should fall into place.
And that’s it. 
Amid all that is intentionally ‘disruptive’ and ‘ground-breaking’, The White Briefs looked for things that fit in. Sophistication isn’t in the latest contraption or gadget that encourages us to get and take and make more than we give. Sophistication is in simplicity. In research. In balance. In what’s supposed to be.
These two people just wanted to create something that was appropriate. The White Briefs is not about perfection, as this is excessive. It just sees clearly what is and what is not needed. Here enters the Lagom approach to living, with everything you need and nothing more and nothing less; long grass in endless fields, underwear that’s soft against the skin, old wooden floorboards left alone.
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