Autumn leaves

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The White Briefs

Österlen, southern Sweden; its vast glowing greenly lit fields and roaring shores lined with stern prow stones, shape the invigorating backdrop of The White Briefs. The illusive design studio is tucked away behind a calm stretch of raw grassland, a meticulous crisp space, undisturbed by the semantics of society.

The studio aims to present consumers a thoughtful innovative vision of our day-to-day and the items closest to our skin that we utilize profoundly. The white briefs stands for its love for humanity, environmental & corporate responsibility, lush high quality fabrics and meaningful organic farming.

All individually tailored garments are constructed with exquisite materials whilst precisely observing sartorial details and versatile usability.

Furthermore, The White Briefs only incorporates sleek (GOTS) certified fabrics, carefully sourced and selected from local eco-communities, thus building a profound and intelligently supportive production line.

This innovative encounter between exquisite timeless tailoring, sleek materials, austere colours and ecologically integrated social production, allows for an enigmatic aspiration to incorporate sartorial excellence into our intense daily endeavours.

The White Briefs, a perpetual ingenious alteration of classic tailoring and regular functionality.

Autumn leaves

A fundament. Imperative to what we see. Understatement lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is to seek an agile embrace of the raging outdoors. Ours is a curation of nimble items, rich in their underplayed expression.

Elements of minimalist tailoring are enhanced through contrasting surfaces. Revised terry, sheer pima cotton and soft cashmere are paired with airy mesh, structured wool and a touch of silky velvet.

The silhouette retains its shaped upper structure, with sharply tailored polo shirting, fitted tees and crafted tops. Volume is added through the introduction of a lightweight sleeveless hooded coat and a pair of languid velvet pants.

Each style remains effortlessly interchangeable, to enhance the utility of modern day wardrobes.

The AW15 collection underlines the profoundness of the Southern Swedish shoreline. Its colorful seasonal shift is marked by the usage of pewter, olive, zinfandel, deep blacks and pure whites.

Soil, water and sky are connected throughout. Chicness is formed through expression. Suspended calmly in controlled movement. 

Half moon

The SS15 collection

We are the restless explorers, sun worshippers, the brazenly talented. Apart we ponder, together we shine.Embracing nostalgia, boldly united in powerful sincerity. Under a half moon, framed by fluttery green fields and fresh salty beaches, we stand tall. A time of honest reflection has arrived, as the spring winds gasp for air. The White Briefs offers a salute to the brighter side of free wayfaring. Timeless, always effortlessly neat and foremost beckoning to all.

The collection is composed of sultry tops, fitted bottoms, clean lines and understated silhouettes. Textures are morphed, enhanced and contrasted by sleek surfaces, alluding to an architectural feel. Equipping all modern travelers with essential sartorial pieces, the collection exists in symbiosis with the always meticulously curated classic undergarments.

Pale yellows, capturing the sun, green moss tones, a dash of red and cool blues shape the colour range for the SS15 collection, mimicking the seasonal shift of the Swedish countryside. Irreverent, composed and aligned with a current sense of our zeitgeist in constant turmoil.


A room. Two laborers sit across from one another. Silent armchairs. Theirs is a shared appreciation of the origins of the land. Manly in their determined cultivation of the endless surrounding fields. Meanwhile, sweeping winds hit the patina covered fence, creaking along the dim wintry horizon. Sheltered, they are united in conforting anticipation. 

For AW14, The White Briefs explores textural interplay and architecturalsymmetry. The collection conjoins curated modern basics, carefully re-interpreted by the Nordic studio. Neat rigid lines are juxtaposed with flowing voluminous garments. The silhouette is chic, composed, albeit with a rough edge, allowing for variations in fit, shape and length. In the colour palette, loosely inspired by the autumn-like soil and dew covered fields of Southern Sweden, hints of misty stone, dry soil, dark midnight blue, crisp whites and hued blacks are featured.

The sleek tees, chinois collar shirting, terry vests, cotton rib long-sleeves and twill pants are matched by crisp poplins, lush flannel pyjamas, fine lightweight wool garments and sturdy interlock jersey. The White Briefs  merges wardrobe utility with an appreciation of the importance of our homes. As we ‘‘dress’’ our personal space, we invite for a flourishing contemplation on sartorial interaction.

Over the under

SS 14 collection.  Over the under. Explore what can be found beneath. All remains calm on the surface. Their synergy is a constellation of space, texture, expressions and interaction, seems defined by human composure. Investigated here as a pensive homage to traditional tailoring, editing whimsical notes of forlorn traditions, ever submerged in reforming functionality.

Each individual piece serves as a uniform canvas, open, light, limitless and pragmatic. The White Briefs plays with dimensions and proportions, to underline  the seasonal maritime inspired silhouette. SS14 is forged from soft ecological combed cotton twill, sleek sheer poplins and fresh summer terry. Lightweight shorts,  crafted shirts and crisp boxers are contrasted by sleek night shirting, blousons and commodious dresses. Overall a sense of translucency can be observed, connecting smoothly with our corporal movements. More structure is added by suggestion a high waisted silhouette, incorporating craftsmanship, sharp detailing and neat tailoring.

The White Briefs truly embraces the shift of the seasons, introducing lightweight swimwear pieces composed of recycled fabrics, a lush subtly striped french terry blouson with metal zip detailing and a opulent pair of beach-ready sweats. SS14 is maintained in controlled colours, such as dark navy, star anise whites, chalky anthracite, mint infused turquoise and mauve morn pink. Leisure means freedom. Freedom in turn, allows for contemplation on the operativeness of our wardrobes.

Applied yet reformed, The White Briefs adheres to the sophistication of our wardrobes, merging functionalism with innovation and utility, always incorporating the essentialism of holistic entrepreneurship.


New collaboration


Imagine a soft retreat from your everyday. A break. A pause. A dream. A fresh moment of bright awareness. A pattern of simpler thoughts. The need for greater self expression in a man’s wardrobe explained in bright graphic hues.

Peter Simonsson of The White Briefs engaged in a collaborative effort, with Stephen Burks, of Ready Made Projects, collaborated to create A Free Man - a clothing collection for sartorial wanderers with a dash of comfortably cool for a liberated lifestyle

The graphic garments, allow you to unplug from society, freed from infinite choices and free to roam. The translucent cotton eases around your body, enveloping you in expressive clarity.

The collection includes t-shirts, shorts, singlets, pants and a long night shirt.  

Available to buy here.

FW 13

Our rationale sustains our desire for novel functional uniform expressions.It is this sense of absolution of all restrictive conditions that enables us to take intelligent sartorial decisions. Embraced and protected by our pensive garment choices, we strive to engage ourselves inter-dimensionally thoughtfully.

The crisp analogy of the Hemiptera or dissected divided beings, serves as the rationale behind this FW13 collection by The White Briefs. The sartorial division of the body into an architectural appraisal of head, thorax and abdomen, aligned with complimenting silhouettes, is pivotal to the premise supporting these garments.  Furthermore, the graphic nature of invertebrate Insecta, their stern lineage and rounded shape, affected the functional and supreme choice of fabrics and patterns.

Carefully selected fine wool ribs, organic sheers and heavy cotton rib are blended into an astute array of controlled styles. Here, the classic collar jacket has been enhanced with a shawl collar, whereas a sleek fine wool classic cardigan has been crafted with a prime corzo button closure. The sultry Nordic winds also alluded to the introduction of a super soft woollen scarf, woollen crafted multi-utility pants and relevant lush long-johns. Henceforth, a classic clean raglan shirt with a simple one button fermeture and classic jersey shirts further complete this FW13 collection by The White Briefs.

Moreover, the precise colour palette, centred on navy, black, slate, stripe details and a subtle hint of deep red, allows for a reflective sartorial mix and match. Such a precise interactive encounter between quality fabrics, colours and craftsmanship structure, can noticeably be found in the clean classic heather grey polo and a round light rib collar contrast to a heavy rib fitted dress sweater, specially crafted for winter. The White Briefs aims for a continued meaningful exploration of opulent utility garments, effortlessly elegant yet maturely sophisticated.

Summer collection

A crisp alluring individual, immersed in sleek lightweight fabrics, calmly observes the fields and breezy florally scented meadows. A powerful athletic stance enhanced corporal fitness and positive demeanour, as tools for perseverance. The controlled invigorated suspense that hangs over the dew covered fields underlines the interactive tension between sculptured forms and free movements.

The SS13 collection by THE WHITE BRIEFS is an appraisal of modern classics, appealing both to agile individuals and more reposed travellers. A lush selection of shorts, sleek singlets and sheer tees, harmoniously interact with the classic base collection. The result is a line boasting delectable luxurious wearability, without compromising on innovative tailoring.

The ten newly crafted styles are a new take on performance, flexibility and shapely fresh leisurewear. An expressive touch is given by the understated yet graphic colour palette; comprised of antique shades of whites, illusive stripes, ton sur ton elements and elegant subtle contrasts.

This more graphic and at times slightly sculptured look has been incorporated to allow for supreme interaction and exquisite hand feel. Materials are maintained in the highest ecological quality, incorporating prima single cotton jerseys, lightweight special 120grams wool and lush meticulously crafted knits.

THE WHITE BRIEFS SS13 is a solemn testimonial of our nimbleness, graceful demeanour and our constantly evolving desire to reach beyond our limits.

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Jesper Brandt

JESPER BRANDT for THE WHITE BRIEFS. An image is not just a portrayal of light, figures and garments, there is more to be found, something new, hidden inside its captured beauty. Torn realities embody our perennial view to look beyond what is there. The White Briefs aims to capture a lost paradise with a distorted composition of two individuals united in reflective harmony. Inspired by artist Duane Michals, whose picture in picture works, aims to capture, fascinate and challenge his audience, Mr. Jesper Brandt developed these timeless photographs. 

The White Briefs aims to present it lush garments from a new perspective, using slowly deconstructed imagery, erasing background elements and fabrics sporadically, in order to play with the decomposition of light and textural interaction. It allows bearers to appear detached from their surroundings, as if still in the wind, motionlessly facing forward in silent interaction.

"My first thought was that we make something new, instead we started with an old photo series from the 60's. Duane Michals' Le Paradis Perdu from 1968 was the perfect take to interpret The White Briefs' philosophy and pay homage to Duane!" Jesper Brandt.

Gisela Rydberg styling, Mattias Nyhlin setdesign.

Gustaf Nordenskiöld

When dissecting the lines between functionality and the
interface between man and object, one can easily feel overwhelmed. Lineage, natural forces, practical restraints and aesthetics
all need to correlate in order to enhance user agility.

Mr. NORDENSKIÖLD, an artist and curator turned designer, envisaged a simple clean device to enable us to place and allow garments to sway gently; THE HOOK. Together with Mr. SIMONSSON of THE WHITE BRIEFS, he set off to craft an organic yet minimally designed porcelain device, alluding to a smooth and limitless interface between dressers, timeless moments and garments.

In his quiet Stockholm studio, Mr. NORDENSKIÖLD developed extruded clay-rolls, who are perforated and finally subjected to a fire heated to a 1280 degrees centigrade. Henceforth, the matter is meticulously forged into useful hooks, all reminiscent yet subtly different, due to the variations in angle and pressure applied. This primitive, yet wholly artisanal method shows the love both Mr. SIMONSSON and Mr. NORDENSKIÖLD share for artistic values and their thorough respect for natural materials.

THE HOOK is the result of this symbiosis of the actual production process and refined end product, featured here in a crisp white or nude unglazed porcelain tone.

Singlets, tees, briefs shall now elegantly sway from this dexterously crafted and easily wall-fitted hook.The collaboration results in a contrasted visual encounter between THE HOOK, bearing the markings of its conceptual production process and THE WHITE BRIEFS sleek cottons, delicately complimenting and enhancing one another timelessly. 

More works from Gustaf Nordenskiöld here
Photography: Johannes Molin

Nickelson Wooster

A powerful sartorial encounter between Mr. Nick Wooster and Mr. Peter Simonsson of The White Briefs, resulted in a versatile collaboration between two creative innovators. Their invigorating dialogue on design and especially on lush fitted comfort where it matters, closest to our skin, evolved into a visionary approach to combine graphic design, supreme selected fabrics and qualitative functionality.

The austere crisp cut of The White Briefs and the brands’ understated perennial colour palette, were challenged by Mr. Wooster’s love for woodland prints and camouflage inspired tailored tanks and tees. Naturally aligned with a desire to combine fitted quality undergarments with a healthy dash of sheer masculinity, a new range emerged. 


This exquisitely tailored line features briefs, fitted tees and a crisp singlet, all crafted with lavish organic cottons. Each item has a personal signature and hidden design elements, incorporated for the bearers’ private discovery. Accompanied by cleverly designed & individually crafted packages made of carefully selected recycled art paper, the products are fully aligned with The White Briefs sustainable corporate and design philosophy.

From Summer 2012, global innovative design adapts and akin travellers who value quality and timeless craftsmanship, are able to discover this meticulously developed new range in selected boutiques by The White Briefs & Mr. Nick Wooster.



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