AW16 collection

Collage. A bridge between the exterior and interior. A signal indicates the vanity that surrounds us. Its daily contours, silhouettes, always composed with such bravery. Our pulse, slowly raises, as we step out onto organic plains.

These are garments that appear understated at first, yet retain their singular expression through textured tactility. From the first threads to the final composition, each piece is crafted as part of a curation rich in tailored essentials. Subtle color blocks and padded details, allude to a more geometric silhouette, urging the wearer to move and engage. A calm palette of off-white, grays, deep blacks and dark navy, supports such considerate interaction.

For AW16, THE WHITE BRIEFS astutely re-assesses the fabrics we envelop ourselves with during the cooler season. Choices are made on a functional basis, thus stripping away any adornments. The power of each garment lies within its opulent simplicity. Half sleeve wool shirts are paired with drawstring jersey pants, chic roll necks feature underneath genteel Reda wool fleeces and triple layered wool sweats provide structure underneath a textured padded overcoat. At times we cease to reflect. These garments serve as a calm reminder. They embody a discerning take on wearability, rich in both artisanal history and longevity. 

The Library

Our personal curation of the finest past and contemporary classics. These are unique collaborations, specially developed fabrics and singular designs, crafted by our in-house atelier. To each their own, they feature only in limited runs, elegantly embracing the seasonal shift. And as these are one-off designs, they come at a special price. Check here


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