Southern Sweden, 2009. A pair of crisp white briefs. This is our beginning, and boy, have we been keeping busy. THE WHITE BRIEFS has developed into a precisely tuned universe, curated by our travels, inspirational encounters, anatomic research, relentless curiosity and our ongoing conversations with; you!

As it is not about what you wear, but where its from. So make sure whatever you dress yourself with speaks to you. True luxury is nothing without personality. And by adding that bit of extra comfort to your day-to-day, you make all that future soul searching a lot easier.

Ever since that first pair we created, its has been our desire to provide the comfiest of essentials. We like to think of them as modern Swedish design, with a sustainable mindset; stripped from any obsolete details; sincere, pure and if we may admit to it; slightly ingenious.  As in the end, we are suppliers of daily staples that shine through their simple understatement and astute technical feel.

Very much in tune with our philosophy, when it comes to clothes, we like to keep things calm, composed and functional. So you can go about your day to day, as you please, without any distraction. With every season that passes, we choose to update sartorial classics with a touch of elegance and confident flair. It is our way of being that bit more versatile, when on your daily commute, jet-setting intercontinentally or during that rewarding walk around the block.



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