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Sometimes the most satisfying objects are the simplest. Like those little cases that go around the head of a toothbrush or banana stands, these items have but one purpose though provide the greatest of service to our lives. They are what they are. Completely necessary.

Since 2009, The White Briefs has stood for simple ideas (as most good ideas are) and along the way the company has evolved, but our original white briefs havenʼt, really. Theyʼre humble items with one single function. Pure in their rejection of mediocrity, though proudly generic; white briefs makes experiencing life slightly better. Well, at least when we make them.

So you donʼt have to, weʼve gone through the rigmarole of making sure that what you put on your body doesnʼt hurt you or the people who make it. Itʼs low-key high quality. And this is important because again, simple ideas are necessary. Okay so maybe a banana stand isnʼt completely necessary, but wearing garments that are made well and accounted for throughout their production process, is.

The White Briefs is a Swedish brand founded by husband and wife team Peter and Henriette Simonsson. Steadfastly committed to quality product and sustainable production, The White Briefs emphasises that underwear is an understated, and personal pleasure. 




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