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The White Briefs was launched during Paris fashion week in October 2009. The company started as an antithesis of the enormously marketing-driven underwear business. The White Briefs wanted to create underwear that is good for the environment and for the people who are going to wear them. Working with a GOTS certified producer in Europe ensures not only organic products but also the ethical values that are equally important for The White Briefs.

In 2010 The White Briefs was nominated for Rookie of the Year by The Swedish Fashion Council. The year after we presented our first collaboration, with Dutch magazine Fantastic Man, followed in 2012 with a collection together with style icon Nick Wooster.

In 2015 The White Briefs collaborate with Woolmark, the global authority for merino wool. 2016-2018 the company had its head office in Paris, where it opened a combined showroom/store in Le Marais.

The founders Henriette and Peter Simonsson moved back to Sweden. Now they work from the epic center of the beautiful Österlen. Their vision is indeed the same from the first day, to move forward with a high-quality product, well-made for a global Zeitgeist.