Southern Sweden, 2009. A pair of crisp white briefs. This is our beginning, and boy, have we been keeping busy. THE WHITE BRIEFS has developed into a precisely tuned universe, curated by our travels, inspirational encounters, anatomic research, relentless curiosity and our ongoing conversations with; you!

As it is not about what you wear, but where its from. So make sure whatever you dress yourself with speaks to you. True luxury is nothing without personality. And by adding that bit of extra comfort to your day-to-day, you make all that future soul searching a lot easier.

Ever since that first pair we created, its has been our desire to provide the comfiest of essentials. We like to think of them as modern Swedish design, with a sustainable mindset; stripped from any obsolete details; sincere, pure and if we may admit to it; slightly ingenious.  As in the end, we are suppliers of daily staples that shine through their simple understatement and astute technical feel.

Very much in tune with our philosophy, when it comes to clothes, we like to keep things calm, composed and functional. So you can go about your day to day, as you please, without any distraction. With every season that passes, we choose to update sartorial classics with a touch of elegance and confident flair. It is our way of being that bit more versatile, when on your daily commute, jet-setting intercontinentally or during that rewarding walk around the block.



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Settenove Showroom, Munich


Selfedge showroom, Antwerp


Settenove Showroom, Munich


Swedish Lifestyle K K, Tokyo


Selfedge showroom, Antwerp


Selfedge showroom, Antwerp


Greifeneder Agency, Malmö

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The White Briefs HQ, Sweden

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SS17 collection

The faneur, that most impeccable of beings. The embodiment of a seamless transition from urban to urbane. Find one, look no further. Sun-seekers akin. Wayfarers alike. Without your affection, what is left in these streets. Escapism. I dreamt of this weather. Freedom, away from glistening pavements, carry only essentials. Savor this moment. A sartorial salute to the humming city of light, its many observant boulevards, never asleep.

For SS17, THE WHITE BRIEFS, turns its eye towards a more bohemian take on leisure garments. The silhouette is illustrated as part of a study of volume. Semi-sleeved shirts are tucked in breezy flared pants, loose linen tops are paired with V neck sweaters, slim shirts are donned with lush constructed robes and trimmed shorts feature alongside elongated coat shells. The styles pair sporty references with dimensional interplay, mixing oversized pieces with sternly tailored tees.
Textural research also appears subtly overplayed, as stripes, color blocks and knit effects all intersect in this graphic, fresh collection. As part of this dialogue, the exterior engages the sultry indoors, with recycled tech fabric, ecologic water repellent nylon featuring alongside crisp linen, ultra light muslin and sleek pima cotton. These contrasts are mimicked by the subtle feature tones, ranging from crisp camel khakis, light ciel blue and clear white to classic dark navy and deep black. This dynamic interplay, encourages an open rapport with each wearer, further underlined by the overall loose and paired down styling. SS17 is a fresh curation of key items for your personal enjoyment. Leisurely luxe comfort, to be used by you, carefully crafted by us. Together, yet always apart. City or Provence. Where to begin...

The Library

Our personal curation of the finest past and contemporary classics. These are unique collaborations, specially developed fabrics and singular designs, crafted by our in-house atelier. To each their own, they feature only in limited runs, elegantly embracing the seasonal shift. And as these are one-off designs, they come at a special price. Check here




My Chameleon, Sydney
The Practical Man, Melbourne


B15, Klagenfurt
Helmut Eder, Kitzbühel
Karl Reyer, Hallein
Thurner, Eisenstadt


Hunting and Collecting, Brussels


Bélanger & Martins, Montréal
Gravity Pope, Toronto
Holt Renfrew, H project, Calgary
Holt Renfrew, H project, Toronto
Holt Renfrew, H project, Vancouver
Melmira, Toronto  
Tozzi, Montréal


Galeries Lafayette, Beijing


Don’t tell shop, Copenhagen
Goods, Copenhagen
Harresø, Kolding
River and Raven, Copenhagen
Storm, Copenhagen


Autograph, Birmingham
Fenwick, London
Harvey Nichols, London
Matches, London  
Opening Ceremony, London
Trunk Clothiers, London


Reede, Tallinn


My o My, Helsinki
Saint Louis Store, Lahti


Colette, Paris
Curieux, Strasbourg
Printemps Hommes, Paris


Bob, Hamburg
Braun, Hamburg
Classico Fashion, Hamburg
FB Fashion, Hamburg
Bungalow, Stuttgart
Calla Mode, Oberursel
Departmentstore Quartier 206
Dipol, Mannheim
Hechler & Nickel, Darmstadt
Hermann's Man, Reutlingen
Hood, Essen
Identita Italiana, Dusseldorf
LilliMendelssohn, Berlin
Mientus, Berlin
Mientus, Hamburg
Schwittenberg, Munich
Stereo, Munich
The listener, Frankfurt
Trüffelschwein, Berlin
Perle, Hamburg
Voo, Berlin


Pauw Mannen, Amsterdam

Hong Kong



Full, Milan
Stole the snow, Altopascio


Aims Gallery, Okayama
Alpoa, Osaka
B'2nd, Fukuoka
B'2nd, Futakotamagawa, Tokyo
B'2nd, Jinnan, Tokyo
B'2nd, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo
B'2nd, Kobe, Hyogo
B'2nd, Nagoya, Aichi
B'2nd, Sapporo, Hokkaido
B'2nd, Umeda, Osaka
B'2nd, Uneo, Tokyo
Bag lady wisely, Kumamoto
Bag lady wisley, Kumamoto
Casanova & Co, Okayama
Cathedral, Osaka
Cement, Tokyo  
Estination, Osaka
Estnation Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Estnation Ginza, Tokyo
Estnation Nagoya, Aichi
Estnation Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
Estnation Yurakucho, Tokyo
Fenest, Tokyo
Fred Cake, Hiroshima
Galerie P+EN, Aichi
Gerald, Osaka
Green Angle, Tokyo
Haus, Hyogo
Heliopole, Tokyo
Highbury, Shimane
Kaojika, Hyoga
La Gazzetta, Tokyo
Localers, Iwate
Peau de l'Ours, Hokkaido
Rectohall Ebisu, Tokyo
Rol, Tokyo
Starling, Gunma, Tokyo
Ships days, Chiba
Ships days, Tokyo
Steven Alan,Hutako Tamagawa, Tokyo
Steven Alan, Kobe, Hyogo
Steven Alan, Osaka
Steven Alan, Shinjyuku, Tokyo
Steven Alan, Tokyo, Tokyo
Stunning Lure, Tokyo
Softs, Tokyo
Strasburgo, Tokyo
Sullen, Tokyo
Via Bus Stop, Museum, Tokyo
Via Bus Stop, Aoyama, Tokyo


Boon the Shop, Seoul

New Zeland

Bird, Hamilton


Wrong Weather, Porto


Jofré, Reus
Yusty, Madrid 

South Africa

Loading Bay, Cape Town


Adisgladis, Stockholm
AB Småland, Malmö
Caliroots, Stockholm
Haberdash Kocksgatan 17, Stockholm
Haberdash Upplandsgatan, Stockholm
Miksajo, Göteborg
Åhléns City, Stockholm


Trois Pommes, Basel
Trois Pommes, St Moritz
Trois Pommes, Zürich


Gentlemen's Sanctum, New York
Mohawk General Store, Los Angeles
Mohawk General Store, Pasadena
Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles
Opening Ceremony, New York


SS16 Collection A faint foghorn sounds in the distance, its deep tone ricocheting over the calm seas. A marine vessel, floating adrift. The boatsmen overlook the horizon. Tales are told, life unfolds, with the sun as their uniformed captain.

For SS16, THE WHITE BRIEFS explores the dimensions of leisurely tailoring. There is a certain beauty to be found in politesse. Sartorially, this implies democratic shapes and loose flowing fits that assure the wearer’s freedom. Clad in functional garments, interaction is encouraged. Shirting elements are deconstructed, before their reassembly into clean and slightly boxy shapes. Colors appear juxtaposed, with camels, marine blues and bright whites, featuring alongside a deep signal red, adding a graphic element to the collections overall nautical feel.

The SS16 wardrobe is comprised of tactile summer essentials. A technical windbreaker is paired with functional bathing shorts, waffle-knit tees appear layered underneath sleek double breasted shirting and loose muslin pants lock eyes with a light terry cloth coat. To step out on deck comfortably, a unique beach boy sneaker was crafted together with Erik Bjerkesjö, challenging the traditional rules of footwear composition.

FW15 Collection A fundament. Imperative to what we see. Understatement lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is to seek an agile embrace of the raging outdoors. Ours is a curation of nimble items, rich in their underplayed expression.

Elements of minimalist tailoring are enhanced through contrasting surfaces. Revised terry, sheer pima cotton and soft cashmere are paired with airy mesh, structured wool and a touch of silky velvet.
The silhouette retains its shaped upper structure, with sharply tailored polo shirting, fitted tees and crafted tops. Volume is added through the introduction of a lightweight sleeveless hooded coat and a pair of languid velvet pants.

Each style remains effortlessly interchangeable, to enhance the utility of modern day wardrobes.A fundament. Imperative to what we see. Understatement lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is to seek an agile embrace of the raging outdoors. Ours is a curation of nimble items, rich in their underplayed expression.

VENT A touch upon your skin. A sentiment triggered by scent. The contours of an intimate encounter, underneath a soft breeze. Sophisticated in its delicate proximity. The parallels between undergarments and perfume are easily drawn. Intertwined with our individuality, they envelop us during our most private and sincere encounters. Personal and profound. Home; our safe haven, lit here by a single candle. Its pale light reminiscent of the Nordic clear skies, its scent, subtle, understated and singular. Its inception; a dialogue between The White Briefs and Calming Park.

Its subtle notes of pure organic ‘fleur du lin’, were hand picked by the perfume artisans of Grasse. Its composition fully captures the thread between swaying garments, our bodies in motion and the looming exterior. Its complexity oozes sensuality and expresses the delicacy found in sartorial ingenuity. VENT, a fragant candle, signifying the chicness of quiet intimacy, framed here as a sacred bond between the sweeping winds of the rugged North and the discerning perfumers nose.

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