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SS18, Dive into this. Crisp blue pools, sun drenched boulevards and fresh sea-side holidaying. Summer is the time of outside. Of freedom and daydreaming. No matter whether you stroll along gleaming city pavements, embrace some leafy park shade, or retire to your sleek balcony; we can all sense it. As temperatures sizzle, with nature’s greens at their brightest, we simply like to kick back and observe what’s coming. As true wayfarers, from here to tomorrow, anything may happen, yet nothing will dampen our spirit.

So, should you find yourself casually en-route this summer, do as we do and keep cool, clad in a comfy and well curated summer uniform. For SS18, we slightly tweaked our always relaxed silhouette of deconstructed tops, loose collars, billowing pants and functional lightweight bottoms. The garments calmly reference re-interpreted military garments, injected with a dash of desert safari chic. Knit cardigans are slung loosely over crisp cotton tees, roomy trousers are sported with languid shirting, tailoring striping effects are contrasted by superfine coated linen, structured raglan tops may be donned with baggy shorts and breezy mesh features alongside comfortable jersey muscle tees.

The collection plays with texture, tailoring, touch, exterior interaction and encourages offhand layering. Imagine long bright Swedish mid-summer nights, mashed with a subtle urban Parisian bohemia. Street-peeper or country-dweller, we have got you covered. The collection’s fresh duality is further reflected by the colour-palette, ranging from sun-kissed bright whites, to deep navy, yves klein blue, shades of khaki and fresh Picasso striping details. The overall feel, is polite, discreet and lovingly versatile, without ever outshining, well... you! This SS18 collection is effortlessly geared towards real summer escapism, in all its wonderful splendor!


For FW17, The White Briefs rekindles its appreciation for the finer things in life. As true luxury is in the eye of the beholder, it certainly can do with being a little less fussy. In the end nothing can be everything. So, by adding some democratic and effortlessly chic options to your daily wardrobe, everybody can feel that special touch of bohemian touch.  Whether you find yourself a city-boy, globe-trotter or discerning rural dweller. The FW17 collection is entirely drawn alongside the very Parisian Parc Monceau after which it is fully engineered in Southern Sweden. 

The styles aim to capture precisely this, a bridge between Nordic understated functional thinking and the contemporary epoch of true flaneurs and astute urban explores. Sleek wool ribs, rugged interlock cotton, soft cashmere jerseys are contrasted by light weight sheer cotton, boiled wool and angora knits. The cuts are a little oversized, but retain their neat and gentle character, alluding to days of decadence and healthy interaction with our surroundings. Freedom at its most magnificent.

When it comes to the shadings, they too, underline the more marvelous sides of live, with fudge tones, hints of rose water and midnight blue, wonderfully contrasting the fresh whites and deep noirs. This palette fully comes alive through the curation of these wintry garments, which propagate the collection’s opulent, yet playful aesthetic. Oversized wool blousons are donned over second-skin layered angora sweaters, comfortable henleys, with overlock details are paired with wool polo’s as sleek roll necks are easily thrown on, over a pair of relaxed slacks. The overall look is precise, polite and all these seven wonders stimulate and compliment one another.  


For SS17, THE WHITE BRIEFS, turns its eye towards a more bohemian take on leisure garments. The silhouette is illustrated as part of a study of volume. Semi-sleeved shirts are tucked in breezy flared pants, loose linen tops are paired with V neck sweaters, slim shirts are donned with lush constructed robes and trimmed shorts feature alongside elongated coat shells. The styles pair sporty references with dimensional interplay, mixing oversized pieces with sternly tailored tees. 
Textural research also appears subtly overplayed, as stripes, color blocks and knit effects all intersect in this graphic, fresh collection. As part of this dialogue, the exterior engages the sultry indoors, with recycled tech fabric, ecologic water repellent nylon featuring alongside crisp linen, ultra light muslin and sleek pima cotton. These contrasts are mimicked by the subtle feature tones, ranging from crisp camel khakis, light ciel blue and clear white to classic dark navy and deep black. This dynamic interplay, encourages an open rapport with each wearer, further underlined by the overall loose and paired down styling. SS17 is a fresh curation of key items for your personal enjoyment. Leisurely luxe comfort, to be used by you, carefully crafted by us. Together, yet always apart. City or Provence. Where to begin...


SS16 Collection A faint foghorn sounds in the distance, its deep tone ricocheting over the calm seas. A marine vessel, floating adrift. The boatsmen overlook the horizon. Tales are told, life unfolds, with the sun as their uniformed captain.

For SS16, THE WHITE BRIEFS explores the dimensions of leisurely tailoring. There is a certain beauty to be found in politesse. Sartorially, this implies democratic shapes and loose flowing fits that assure the wearer’s freedom. Clad in functional garments, interaction is encouraged. Shirting elements are deconstructed, before their reassembly into clean and slightly boxy shapes. Colors appear juxtaposed, with camels, marine blues and bright whites, featuring alongside a deep signal red, adding a graphic element to the collections overall nautical feel.

The SS16 wardrobe is comprised of tactile summer essentials. A technical windbreaker is paired with functional bathing shorts, waffle-knit tees appear layered underneath sleek double breasted shirting and loose muslin pants lock eyes with a light terry cloth coat. To step out on deck comfortably, a unique beach boy sneaker was crafted together with Erik Bjerkesjö, challenging the traditional rules of footwear composition.

FW15 Collection A fundament. Imperative to what we see. Understatement lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is to seek an agile embrace of the raging outdoors. Ours is a curation of nimble items, rich in their underplayed expression.

Elements of minimalist tailoring are enhanced through contrasting surfaces. Revised terry, sheer pima cotton and soft cashmere are paired with airy mesh, structured wool and a touch of silky velvet.
The silhouette retains its shaped upper structure, with sharply tailored polo shirting, fitted tees and crafted tops. Volume is added through the introduction of a lightweight sleeveless hooded coat and a pair of languid velvet pants.

Each style remains effortlessly interchangeable, to enhance the utility of modern day wardrobes.A fundament. Imperative to what we see. Understatement lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is to seek an agile embrace of the raging outdoors. Ours is a curation of nimble items, rich in their underplayed expression.

VENT A touch upon your skin. A sentiment triggered by scent. The contours of an intimate encounter, underneath a soft breeze. Sophisticated in its delicate proximity. The parallels between undergarments and perfume are easily drawn. Intertwined with our individuality, they envelop us during our most private and sincere encounters. Personal and profound. Home; our safe haven, lit here by a single candle. Its pale light reminiscent of the Nordic clear skies, its scent, subtle, understated and singular. Its inception; a dialogue between The White Briefs and Calming Park.

Its subtle notes of pure organic ‘fleur du lin’, were hand picked by the perfume artisans of Grasse. Its composition fully captures the thread between swaying garments, our bodies in motion and the looming exterior. Its complexity oozes sensuality and expresses the delicacy found in sartorial ingenuity. VENT, a fragant candle, signifying the chicness of quiet intimacy, framed here as a sacred bond between the sweeping winds of the rugged North and the discerning perfumers nose. /


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