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For FW17, The White Briefs rekindles its appreciation for the finer things in life. As true luxury is in the eye of the beholder, it certainly can do with being a little less fussy. In the end nothing can be everything. So, by adding some democratic and effortlessly chic options to your daily wardrobe, everybody can feel that special touch of bohemian touch.  Whether you find yourself a city-boy, globe-trotter or discerning rural dweller. The FW17 collection is entirely drawn alongside the very Parisian Parc Monceau after which it is fully engineered in Southern Sweden. 

The styles aim to capture precisely this, a bridge between Nordic understated functional thinking and the contemporary epoch of true flaneurs and astute urban explores. Sleek wool ribs, rugged interlock cotton, soft cashmere jerseys are contrasted by light weight sheer cotton, boiled wool and angora knits. The cuts are a little oversized, but retain their neat and gentle character, alluding to days of decadence and healthy interaction with our surroundings. Freedom at its most magnificent.

When it comes to the shadings, they too, underline the more marvelous sides of live, with fudge tones, hints of rose water and midnight blue, wonderfully contrasting the fresh whites and deep noirs. This palette fully comes alive through the curation of these wintry garments, which propagate the collection’s opulent, yet playful aesthetic. Oversized wool blousons are donned over second-skin layered angora sweaters, comfortable henleys, with overlock details are paired with wool polo’s as sleek roll necks are easily thrown on, over a pair of relaxed slacks. The overall look is precise, polite and all these seven wonders stimulate and compliment one another.  

The Library

Our personal curation of the finest past and contemporary classics. These are unique collaborations, specially developed fabrics and singular designs, crafted by our in-house atelier. To each their own, they feature only in limited runs, elegantly embracing the seasonal shift. And as these are one-off designs, they come at a special price. Check here


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